Inspired by papers published in the lab.

Invention #8

We present VISTA for visualizing gene expression.


We present a tribute to These are the VISTAs, by The Bad Plus.


Invention #7

We describe a duet of transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene regulation.


A duet of piano and childrens’ xylophone.


Invention #6

We identify a new olfactory role for a well-known mechanosensory protein in mice.


How does a smell sound?


Invention #5

We describe a gene that takes on different functions at different isoform lengths.


A Vivaldi theme takes on different attributes at different line lengths.


Invention #4

Our microPublication describes the discovery of a new, previously-undiscovered gene in the C. elegans genome.


A “gene” motif, present amidst a sonic genomic galaxy, emerges.


Invention #3: Microsteps

Our paper in Cell Reports describes the discovery of a key regulator of very small exons: “microexons.”


John Coltrane’s Giant Steps, shoehorned into very small intervals: “Microsteps.”


Invention #2

In our paper in eLife, two neurons sharing the same progenitor divide, migrate, and develop, diversifying through changes in post-transcriptional regulation.


A shared theme divides, migrates, and develops.


Invention #1

Our paper in eLife examines pairs of genes working in concert, and what happens when the two genes are simultaneously perturbed.


Two instruments act together. Harmonies move pairwisely. The scale consists of 2-note gaps. The melody is “perturbed” by pairwise rules.