Invention No 9.mp3

Invention #9: Analyzing mechanisms by which regulatory factors control lifespan and aging // A musical meditation on lifespan and aging. 


Invention #8: We present VISTA for visualizing gene expression // We present a tribute to These are the VISTAs, by The Bad Plus. 

Invention No 7.mp3

Invention #7: We describe a duet of transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene regulation // A duet of piano and childrens’ xylophone. 


Invention #6: We identify a new olfactory role for a well-known mechanosensory protein in mice // How does a smell sound? 


Invention #5: We describe a gene that takes on different functions at different isoform lengths // A Vivaldi theme takes on different attributes at different line lengths.


Invention #4: Our microPublication describes the discovery of a new, previously-undiscovered gene in the C. elegans genome // A “gene” motif, present amidst a sonic genomic galaxy, emerges. 


Invention #3: Our paper in Cell Reports describes the discovery of a key regulator of tiny exons: “microexons” // John Coltrane’s Giant Steps, shoehorned into tiny intervals: “Microsteps.”  


Invention #2: We reveal how two neurons sharing the same progenitor divide, migrate, and develop, diversifying through changes in post-transcriptional regulation // A shared theme divides, migrates, and develops. 


Invention #1: We examine pairs of genes working in concert, and what happens when the two genes are simultaneously perturbed // Two instruments act together. Harmonies move pairwisely. Scales consist of 2-note gaps. Melody develops by pairwise rules.